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Forms with Blue Links are available online.  Black Lines show forms not available until closer to the show.  Ready! 12:54 10/2

Updated 10/15/10 Forms 2.030, 2.110, 2.120, 2.130, 2.140, 2.150

Clipboards By Day pdf            Clipboard List For Each Form.pdf

Clipboard Form Counts pdf


Below are forms used on the clipboards.  

1.010    Dressage Order of Go Ring 1

1.020    Dressage Order of Go Ring 2

1.040    List of Volunteers For Dressage

1.110    Dressage Test 2 - Prelim/Gator  Scribes get score side only; Judges get both on separate sheets

1.120    Dressage Test 3 - Interm  Scribes get score side only; Judges get both pages on separate sheets

1.170    Dressage Test 2 - Training  Scribes get score side only; Judges get pages on separate sheets

1.210    Dressage Scribe Instructions (Live Oak)

1.220    The Perfect Scribe (courtesy of Anne Councill)

1.230    Dressage In Gate Instructions

2.010    Marathon Order of Go Page 1    Marathon Order of Go Page 2  Print single sidded

2.020    Marathon Time Allowed Sheet

2.030    Marathon Course Map  2 Pages - Print 2-sided  Updated 10/15/10   Now Ready!

2.040    Marathon ScoreRunner Map

2.050    Marathon Hospitality Runner Map

2.060    Order of Hazards and K Markers

2.070    Important Rules for Marathon

2.080    Important Rules for Obstacles

2.090    Important Rules for Sections

2.110    Hazard 1 Score Sheets (Grey)  Ready.  Print High Quality in Grayscale

2.120    Hazard 2 Score Sheets (Yellow)  Ready   Print High Quality in Grayscale

2.130    Hazard 3 Score Sheets (Pink)  Ready  Print High Quality in Grayscale

2.140    Hazard 4 Score Sheets (Blue)  Ready  Print High Quality in Grayscale

2.150    Hazard 5 Score Sheets (Green)  Ready  Print High Quality in Grayscale

2.200    Hazard Observer Instructions

2.230    Hazard Observer Backup Sheets

2.300    Asst Hazard Observer Instructions

2.500    Hazard Timer Instructions

2.600    Hazard Hold Timer Instructions

    2.610    Hazard Hold Time Backup Sheet

2.900    Volunteers for Hazards List

3.000    TBP Green Card Front      Green card back should be blank. Use LIGHT green cover stock (67 lb.)

3.200    Blank Pre-Competition (Safety) Checklists

3.355    Start of E (1 Section) Instructions

3.360    End of E Instructions

3.390  Section Timer Backup Sheets

3.900    Volunteers for Sections List

4.200    Vet Record Sheets - Singles

4.300    Vet Record Sheets - Pairs

4.400    Vet Record Sheets - Teams

4.700    Vet Box Volunteer List

4.820     Stall List

4.830     Stall Card Set

4.834     No Smoking Signs   Print on cover stock

5.200    Cones Time Allowed

5.300    Cones Course Map

5.400    Cones Scribe Instructions

5.420   Cones Scoresheets (Individual)

5.430  Cones Scribe Backup Sheet

5.500    Cones In Gate Instructions

5.510    Cones Timer Instructions

5.520 Cones Timer Backup Sheet

5.600    Wheel Measurement Instructions

5.610  Wheel Measurement Blank Sheets

        5.620  Cones Width by Competitor

        5.660 Wheel Measurement Cards for Competitors (Set)

5.900    Volunteers List - Cones

6.000    Clipboard Cover Sheets (Whole Set)  One for the front of each clipboard.

6.500    ScoreRunner Instructions

6.600    Volunteer Tent Mgr Instructions

    6.610    Volunteer Check In List AM              Volunteer Check In List PM

6.700    Radio Manager Instructions

    6.730    Radio Channels Sunday

6.800    Clinic Roster

6.910    Competitors By Name

6.920    Competitors By Number

6.930  Competitors in Classes

Combined Test Classes  

Bear Trot Classes

Horse Trial Classes  

6.940    Competitor Address Labels - Use for mailing ribbons

6.950    Competitor Labels - Use on ribbons

Packet Labels

Combined Test Ribbon Labels

Bear Trot Ribbon Labels

Horse Trial Ribbon Labels

7.000    Blank Sheets of Paper

7.100    How to Run a Stopwatch

7.200    How to Run a Casio Time Calculator

7.300    How to Run a TimeMaster Time Calculator

10.000  Teddy Bear Trot Task Card  2-sided on White Card (heavier than cover stock)

10.100  TBT Honey Card - Light Yellow Card Stock

10.200  TBT What Did You See Checklist  I will email this separately - it's a secret!

10.300  TBT Watch Bear Backup Sheet

10.400  Teddy Bear Trot Times Allowed

10.500  Teddy Bear Trot Map

10.510 Hospitality Runner Map

10.520 Volunteer List - Teddy Bear Trot

10.600  TBT Blank Class Score Sheets  Use for scorer at end of Trot

10.700  TBT Order of Passing Estimate

10.800  TBT Starter Instructions

10.900  TBT Ender Instructions

10.910  TBT End Scorer Backup Sheet

10.920   TBT Task 1 Sheet

10.930   TBT Competitor Notes