Teddy Bears Picnic Starting Times  - Not Ready!

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The schedule will be posted at 7PM Tuesday, October 22

Note:  Blue Links Work.  Red Links are not ready yet.

Dressage Schedule 2013.pdf

Marathon Schedule 2013.pdf

Bear Trot 2013.pdf

Note:  A number of you are sharing something which creates some difficulties in scheduling.  This schedule represents the best compromise I could achieve among all your needs. 

Combined Test:  After Dressage go to Cones - please limit Cones warm up to 10 minutes or less. 

Combined Test Plus Trot:  Dressage is a set time.  After Dressage go to Cones.  You have a scheduled start time for the Trot.  All the "Trotters" will run AFTER all the "Marathoners."

Horse Trials:  After Dressage go to Cones, then go to your trailer and change into your marathon gear.  Please be at Start of E about 10 minutes before your start time.  All the Marathoners will go first.  When you are all off the course, the "Trotters" will start.

The Bears