Teddy Bears Picnic - 2014 Entry Status
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This is updated when I enter your mailed entry or review your online entry.   If you just entered, you will not be on this list.  If you owe me something you can scan and email to me at Bobbi@DSFGroup.org  OR snail mail to Bobbi Hager, Teddy Bears Picnic, 293 Diamond Spring Road,  Denville, NJ 07834.

First NameLast NameEntryStatusSec CommentsBVDC?Pmt?Rel/Whp?Rel/Nav?Coggins?Stall Dep PaidEntry Fee Paid
AnneAdams1AcceptedComplete. Thanks!OK OK OK NA OK $0.00$70.00
Caitlin E.Adams1AcceptedComplete. Thanks!OK OK OK NA OK $0.00$50.00
Cindy Boddy1         
DanaBright1AcceptedComplete. Thanks!OK OK OK Ok OK $50.00$120.00
VariousBVDC Members1         
CaralineCornman1Accepted ConditionallyNeed $65; Coggins and ReleaseOk No No No No $0.00$0.00
MelanieCornman1Accepted ConditionallyNeed $65Ok No Ok Ok Ok $0.00$0.00
Nicoledu Pont1AcceptedComplete. Thanks!Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok $0.00$65.00
MarthaDuchnowski1Accepted ConditionallyNeed Gator ReleaseOK Ok Ok NO Ok $50.00$108.00
AstridFallon1AcceptedComplete. Thanks!Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok $0.00$70.00
TestFinal Migration1         
CindyFletcher1AcceptedComplete. Thanks!OK OK OK OK OK $0.00$65.00
RichardForfa1Accepted ConditionallyNeed Coggins and Release x 2Ok OK No No No $0.00$210.00
ClaireGlenn1AcceptedComplete. Thanks!OK OK OK NA OK $0.00$55.00
HelenHeinzer1Accepted ConditionallyNeed Navigator's AgeOK Ok Ok Ok Ok $50.00$101.00
LindaKalman1Accepted ConditionallyNeed Gator ReleaseOK OK Ok OK Ok $0.00$133.00
KatieKashner1Accepted ConditionallyNeed $89; Coggins and Release x 2Ok No No No No $0.00$0.00
KatieKashner2Accepted Conditionally 2Need $65; Coggins and Release xOk No No No No $0.00$0.00
Anna M.Klumpp1Accepted.Complete! Thanks!OK OK OK OK OK $0.00$103.00
Anna M.Klumpp2Complete/Waitlisted 2nd EntryWill accept if slots are availableOK OK OK NA OK $0.00$55.00
RitaMichalenko1AcceptedComplete. Thanks!OK OK OK NA OK $0.00$106.00
DebbieMoore1AcceptedComplete. Thanks! Overpaid $5.OK OK OK NA OK $0.00$70.00
LizbethNauta1AcceptedComplete. Thanks!OK OK OK OK OK $0.00$65.00
JaneOehler1Accepted ConditionallyNeedRelease x 2OK Ok No No Ok $0.00$157.00
GemmaPagliei1AcceptedComplete. Thanks!OK OK OK NA OK $0.00$103.00
SaraSchmitt1Accepted ConditionallyNeed Release x 2; Coggins x 2; Lunch ChoicesOK OK NO NO NO $100.00$151.00
LydiannSpencer-Jones1Accepted ConditionallyNeed Coggins; Release x 2Ok Ok No No No $0.00$86.00
SuzyStafford1Accepted ConditionallyNeed Release x 2OK Ok NO NO Ok $0.00$100.00
BrookeTadlock1Accepted ConditionallyNeed Coggins; Release x2Ok Ok No No No $0.00$65.00
TerryTobias1AcceptedComplete. Thanks!OK OK OK OK OK $0.00$73.00
Merrill D.Walters1AcceptedComplete. Thanks!OK OK OK OK OK $0.00$90.00
ZanaWhite1Accepted ConditionallyNeed Gator ReleaseOK OK OK NO OK $0.00$90.00
RileyWiltison1AcceptedPlease give addl $25 stall deposit to SecOK OK OK OK OK $25.00$190.00
MarcyWozniak1AcceptedCompleteOk Ok Ok Ok Ok $0.00$195.00