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News From Glen Willow - Thank You Volunteers!  Click here for the Volunteer Thank You and Pictures!!!

Volunteer For Glen Willow CDE  It was a great show.  See you next year!

                                           At the former Laurels Site  September 5-7, 2014  


 Teddy Bears Picnic Fair Hill

                                          October 26, 2014 (clinic Oct. 25)  Click the link you want below:

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2013 TBP Results: Horse Trials and Combined Test Summary 2013     Bear Trot 2013    Marathon 2013    Volunteers

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ADS Webinar 7/21/11

Volunteer Resources - For Use By Volunteers Everywhere

All Copyright Protected by Bobbi Hager but available free for use by volunteer managers everywhere.  These may not be used as part of any commercial product.

American Driving Society Resources - Some pieces in Beta Test now!

The ADS is beginning to put up an online guideline for all of us.  It's not all complete but some pieces are very useful.  Go to and follow the "organizers" links.

Glenn Willow Resources - Use as a model for a 3-Day CDE

Jobs   Volunteer Instructions   Volunteer Resource Pages

Teddy Bear Picnic Resources - Use as a model for a Combined Test with a Country Drive instead of Marathon

Jobs   Volunteer Instructions  Volunteer Resource Pages

BVDC Volunteer Clinic  - Use as a model for Volunteer Clinics Updated for 6/30/2009 Rules    Fairly old material - this clinic has not run for several years - but the ideas are still sound.

BVDC Super Volunteer Clinic Home

Brandywine Valley Driving Club Website  BVDC Online Membership Page!

Volunteer Pics from previous years